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Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences
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Our Inspiration


Our school takes its name from a remarkable woman with an extraordinary life story. Professor Elizabeth Blackburn was born in Hobart, Tasmania in the late 1940’s. She went to primary school in Launceston, then moved to the Australian mainland to study at The University High School and the University of Melbourne. Elizabeth went on to study at Cambridge University in England and then Yale University in the USA.

In her work as a world-renowned molecular biologist, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn is credited with the discovery of telomerase, an enzyme critical to the reproductive process of gene cells, a discovery which may well play a role in finding a cure for cancer.

In 2009, she became the first (and still only) Australian woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize. Professor Elizabeth Blackburn is now Professor of Biology & Physiology at the University of California, San Francisco and continues to be an inspiration to aspiring young scientists everywhere.


At EBS, our aim is to inspire the next generation of young scientists. Students experience being part of the broader scientific and research community and are provided with a science mentor for an extended research project. This exposes students to the types of professions and career options available in science, research, medicine and mathematics – and also provides insight into the latest in scientific discovery and the cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation.


EBS is a select entry, co-ed school of high expectations – a place where intelligence is celebrated, diversity is the norm and participation is key.

EBS students tend to complete their VCE with exceptional ATAR scores, primed for the university placement of their choice and with a clear career pathway.

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